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Pomme Tales

Fiction and Photoshop Art by Apple Blossom

Apple Blossom
Pomme Tales

About me:

I’m a geeky fan girl. Wife to the Main Event and mother of a wild but loveable eleven year old named Scooby. I live in Central Florida and work in the scarily layoffable world of creating banking software in a place that I not so lovingly refer to as Hell, with fluorescent lighting.

Me as a fan girl:

I’ve been an obsessive fan girl for longer than I knew that there was such a thing, LOL! I’m also very much a “shipper” and love character interactions. I love reading and writing fan fiction for my favorite shows.

Pomme Tales:

What will you find here at Pomme Tales?
- Fanfiction for my favorite shows
- Wallpapers and icons
- Some original fiction
- Occasional RL ramblings

Photoshop art credit:

I’ve used some photos and brushes from various sites in my work and thought I should credit in one place. I haven’t used all of the brushes listed, but I have downloaded them and feel they should be credited here. This list is not complete.


Touchstone Art, 17 Wings, 84 percent, 500ml brushes, Miss M, Obsidian Dawn, 5th Muse, The Butterfly, The Magic Box


Check out the very talented wolfbane_icons and yukansnow

stock art



Lost Media


My userpics were made by me unless otherwise stated.

Current Header:

Snagged from photobucket user: BiH_mala5

Friends Only Banner:

From littlemermaid

Journal style from: created especially for me by the wonderfully talented chaoticprose

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